Team Ballet Austin
By Sandra Krempasky, Sales Director
Buying Ballet Austin Season Tickets is a true commitment to the BA Team of dancers and the artistic and administrative staff that supports them. Your early and season long support makes it possible for Stephen to order the beautiful set we’ll have for Swan Lake in the fall.  He can place this order now without waiting to see how many single tickets will be sold.  Your season ticket purchase is an investment in Ballet Austin and for this commitment, you get benefits, among them:

The option to keep the same seats year after.  Or make them better.  Season ticket holders always have the best seats because they are seated before tickets go on sale to the general public.  And even after that we hold seats for new incoming season ticket holders.  One day I’d like Ballet Austin Season Tickets to be such a hot commodity that they are handed down from generation to generation, like Longhorn tickets.  (A Sales Director can dream, can’t she?)
The ability to exchange your tickets for other shows.  I would be lying if I told you that this was a benefit exclusive to season ticket holders.  Who wants to disappoint a family when a wife calls and says her husband bought tickets to The Nutcracker on the night of her holiday office party?  Or, a child coming down sick on the day of The Nutcracker?  Not, me.  As a season ticket holder, you don’t have to explain anything (although we’ll be happy to listen).  Just call and we’ll put something on hold for you while you return your tickets to the box office.

The ability to pay in installments.   Now this is a benefit exclusive to season ticket holders!  We know it’s rough out there and we want to make your purchase as painless as possible.  Depending on when you place your order, you can spread the payments out as long as six months.

The best benefit?  Knowing you supported your BA Team through yet another winning (and beautiful!) season.  (Maybe one day a Ballet Austin tailgating party?)

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