Goodbye and Good Luck
By Bill Piner, Director of Schools

One of my professional highlights each year is the Academy’s Spring Performance of our upper level students. Watching these young dancers perform, I can’t help but feel proud of their growth and maturing accomplishments. Many of these dancers have been with us since they began dancing many years ago, so pangs of nostalgia creep in too. Each year we say goodbye to another group of graduating seniors who will go into the world, taking a part of us with them and leaving a part of themselves with us. As my own daughter inches closer to this transition, I find myself even more aware of the momentousness of the occasion. This is a big deal!

This year we have four graduating seniors, three who will be pursuing university degrees at Butler University, Yale and NYU. The fourth will be furthering her dream of a professional career by trying to obtain a position in a professional program of a ballet company. Upper level BAA students not only spend many hours a week in the studio, they also have to dedicate numerous hours to academic requirements and interests. Some former students have gone on to professional careers in companies such as New York City Ballet and Kansas City Ballet. Others have chosen to attend universities such as Harvard, Tulane and SMU. Each one of the hundreds who have passed through ours doors over the years is unique and we celebrate their many and varied accomplishments…have a great life, seniors and don’t forget to write...or tweet!

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