Summertime, and the Living is Easy
Summer is a busy time at Ballet Austin, but the Company dancers get a break before next season begins. Here's what a few are up to...

Michelle Thompson: I am looking forward to a very busy summer. My main focus is to heal from my foot surgery that I had on April 15th. Progress is going well. I am doing a lot of physical therapy, yoga, pilates, swimming, and taking ballet class. I am taking an accounting class at St. Edward's for my business minor. I will be teaching in the summer program, and of course I teach yoga in the community school twice a week all summer. Then I will be teaching in California and visiting my family. Then I will visit my husband's family in Pennsylvania. Then the grand finale is a trip to Russia with my husband, parents, and about 10 of my parents friends. My parents invited us to go last summer with them and we thought that would be incredible (they helped us pay for it too). Since I live so far from my family it seems like such an incredible opportunity to hang out with my parents.

Ashley Lynn: I’ll be attending Summer school at St. Edward's and Austin Community College. Staying in shape: Ballet classes, Pilates, Yoga, power walks, and other cross-training. And vacation in Israel in July with my husband and his family!

Aara Krumpe:
This summer will be all about my son, Leo, who will be turning one.  Although I will continue to take class and pilates to stay in shape, most afternoons will be enjoyed in the wading pool and chasing little Leo around.  We will also add a large screen porch to our house, which we will build ourselves.  It will be a fun, yet busy, summer.

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