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Ballet Austin Company Dancers Inspire

Anyone who walks through the doors of the Butler Dance Education Center during Ballet Austin’s Senior Summer Intensive surely can’t help but think “What crazy, chaotic place is this?!”  Yes, the building is packed with over 160 students from all over the country, plus 80 of our own students, who come to participate in the myriad number of classes we offer in the summer program.

With a total of 125 classes a week, that adds up to quite a few teachers needed in most of our studio spaces at the same time. Fortunately, many of our Ballet Austin company dancers have a love and talent for teaching, which allows us to augment our regular faculty without having to invite guest teachers from out of town.

Jaime Lynn Witts has a busy teaching schedule during the year on top of her full time role as company member. And during the summer intensive we load her up with technique and pointe classes plus stretch and conditioning. She will also choreograph for the performances at the end of each session.

Ashley Lynn Gilfix will teach pointe for the advanced women.

Christopher Swaim (pictured above) will have the more advanced men for technique and variations, as well as jazz classes for the higher levels.

Orlando Canova will work to build up the technique of the younger boys.

Frank Shott will have each level of men 2 times a week for conditioning.

And Michelle Thompson will bring her unique energy to the program and will teach technique, pointe, modern, and will choreograph a piece for one of the levels. 

You would think that after a pretty intense season of rehearsing and performing, these dancers would be eager to get away from the ballet studio! We are fortunate that their passion for dance includes the desire to inspire younger generations.

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