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Turn Exercise Into a Party!

Sitting in a waiting room recently, flipping through a magazine, a quote caught my eye, “We turned exercise into a party!” That was all I needed to keep reading. I actually enjoy exercise, but I talk to people every day who would consider that comment to be an oxymoron. In fact, even people who do exercise regularly approach it with a less than positive attitude, sort of like Garfield the Cat who said, "I might as well exercise, I'm in a bad mood anyway."

So I kept reading to discover that there is a dance fitness craze sweeping the country. Now I am even more intrigued! Dance and fitness are what the Butler Community School is all about! Zumba®,” the article said, “has become nothing short of a revolution, spreading like wildfire, and positioning itself as the single most influential movement in the industry of fitness.”Those are some powerful words!What is thisZumba®? Soon you will be able to discover for yourself because Zumba® is coming to the BCS this summer! It is playful and energetic, and combines high energy and motivating music. It’s a workout that keeps everyone motivated by creating a party-like atmosphere.

The new summer schedule of dance and fitness classes begins June 2. Zumba® will be the featured BCS Class of the Month in June. Come give it a try for FREE! Zumba® just might be the best party in town!

To kick off all summer dance and fitness classes at the BCS we will be holding a 15% off sale on summer Class-Cards May 24 through May 29. Get a deal and then get fit and have fun at the BCS this summer!

For more information about the Butler Community School and the BCS Class of the Month, click here.


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