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Here at Ballet Austin we think being a season ticket holder is a most important role.  But instead of us telling you why this is the case, I thought you would probably rather hear it from actual season ticket holders. We asked a “seasoned” Ballet Austin season ticket holder and some “newbies.” Here’s what they had to say:

From Alana Mallard (season ticket holder since 1999):

My grandson Zach and I have had season tickets since he was six or seven, and he turned 17 the weekend of Coppélia.  I wouldn’t know which ballet to choose if I just bought here or there, so buying a season of tickets makes sense to me.  And I don’t have to even think about my schedule – we just clear the Friday of the ballet and make it our first priority.  It’s the dance, it’s the music, it’s the wonder of “what next?” that keeps  me coming.  Zach wasn’t planning to do ballet another year until we went to Coppélia.  He loved it.  Thank goodness.  We’ll see what happens when he heads off to college.

From Jane-Elizabeth Madison (season ticket holder since 2009):

We bought season tickets for 2009/10 because we attended a performance in 2008 and were completely hooked on Stephen Mills’ choreography and the great dancers in Ballet Austin.  We’ve attended the 2009/10 season and enjoyed all the performances tremendously.  When we considered all the concerts and performances we attended during this season, both my husband and I agree that Ballet Austin is our favorite.  So, it was an easy decision to renew for the 2010/11 season.  We renewed because we want to attend all the shows and getting all of our tickets at one time is easier than coordinating buying tickets throughout the year.  The easy payment plans are a plus as well.

From Mickey Mann (season ticket holder since 2009):

If something comes up and I need to change the date that I can see a performance, I know the box office staff will exchange my tickets and get me the best possible seat for the new date.  Because I support Ballet Austin as a major arts force in Austin, I believe that purchasing season tickets helps the organization budget for the year more easily than having to guess how many tickets will be sold.

For the schedule and additional information on the 2010/11 Season, click here.


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