Stepping Through Art History
By Forrest Preece

Jordan Moser is a guy with varied interests. For one thing, he likes to enter sock hop contests. 

For another, when my wife and I were in the process of selling our house this year and disposing of about 7/8ths of our possessions, Jordan let it be known to me that he loves 33 1/3 LPs. About a week later he was scooping up about 75 of them from us -- including some prize Judy Collins, Bobby Short and Rolling Stones albums.

That penchant for history should be serving him well at this point, because he and about 12 of the other dancers, some Ballet Austin alumni like Margot Brown and Tony Casati, plus artistic director Stephen Mills, are taking a course in art history which counts towards their degrees in Dance and Humanities. They have class for three hours at the Butler Dance Education Center on Monday nights and if they stay on track, they should finish their degrees by 2010.

“We are progressing from the Renaissance to the present,” Jordan says. “Our professor Rick MacArthur knows how to make the subject matter come alive for us.”

“Right now, we are studying the monetary and intrinsic values in the artwork of the high Renaissance.”

I asked about the subject for his term paper and Jordan says that it will be a ten-page piece on Van Gogh’s troubled life and how it influenced his art.

Well, life and art all intertwine—and it’s great that the dancers are broadening their horizons.
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