Dancer Spotlight: Kirby Wallis By Forrest Preece

Once again, Ballet Austin owes “The O.C.”  Yes, yet another fine dancer has come into the Ballet Austin fold from that legendary California County.

Kirby Wallis (formerly Killam) you see, is a California girl who is now a downtown denizen of Austin in the Monarch high rise.  And before you ask, no, she never got into surfing, but her brother did. She does love the beach, however.

At the age of four, she began dance classes for fun, and then at the ripe old age of eight, she started more serious ballet training in the Vaganova technique.

“I switched studios and my lessons got more intense.  But at that point, I didn’t see myself as a ballet dancer yet.”

As she moved towards her high school years, Kirby was becoming more and more interested in jazz, hip hop, modern and musical theatre. “The high school closest to me didn’t have a performing arts program, so I made the sacrifice to drive the extra distance to Huntington Beach High which offered several types of dance and musical theatre and put on several productions each year.”

She says that as the years went on, she continued enjoying musical theatre, but ballet kept calling out to her.

That inclination towards ballet turned out to be especially tantalizing when she started attending her dream college, SMU.

“The dance program that SMU offered was so well-rounded.  I researched all my possibilities and SMU’s dance program ranked just under Julliard’s at the time.”  READ MORE

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