I’ve fallen in love with the Inaugural Season Opener!
By Pei-San Brown, Community Education Director

I’ve just seen a few rehearsals, but I’m already in love!

Although I appreciate Sinatra’s music, I’ve never been a huge fan. What turned me around was watching a run-through of Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs. No costumes, no lighting in the rehearsal… just pure style and grace. I suddenly understood what people love about Sinatra’s music, and I have a newfound understanding and love for his music! Each of the couples dances with a different energy and personality, from young love to mature love to mistake-ridden romance… the piece is sweet, strong, assertive, elegant, and absolutely entertaining! I can’t wait to see the dancers in their gorgeous wardrobe – they will be stunning!
I’m equally excited about seeing George Balanchine’s Episodes performed here in Austin. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that two of our dancers had been cast in principal roles by Suzanne Farrell herself! Farrell is considered one of the greatest ballerinas of her generation, and she was Balanchine’s last and greatest muse. She’s dedicates her ballet company to sharing Balanchine’s rarest ballets with the world. I literally cried with joy when I heard that Farrell had asked Ballet Austin to perform Episodes with her company at The Kennedy Center and here in Austin directly afterwards. This is such a huge two-fold honor for our company.

If all of this wasn’t exciting enough – Stephen’s new piece, Liminal Glam, is AMAZING! The momentum, the energy, the exhilaration of watching new and innovative movement…this piece is as stunning and groundbreaking as Kai! With the futuristic costumes and the percussive Phillip Glass music, this dance is going to be absolutely thrilling!

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