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Are You Ballet Fit?

There’s at least one guy attending classes at the Butler Community School who is asking this question around town, “Are you man enough to do Ballet Fit?”  And then there is 81 year old Polly who comes to Ballet Fit Basic, I'm excited about it, been looking for something just like this to stay active!”

Ballet Fit is becoming a phenomenon at the Butler Community School. We take in so many calls and emails a day that we lose count. What we do know is that more people want to know about Ballet Fit. There's a buzz about it, but it’s more than just talk. It’s the real deal. People want to be Ballet Fit!

What does it mean to be ballet fit? Not your typical ballet class, Ballet Fit takes the benefits of ballet and adds in some fun music in an enjoyable environment. Incorporating a variety of ballet-inspired movements Ballet Fit improves how you move. Taken regularly, it develops streamlined muscles, improves posture and balance, and boosts suppleness and flexibility. Ballet Fit Basic tones it down a bit using fun music from decades past.

Whether the athlete looking for that competitive edge, the mom trying to get back into shape, the older person hoping to maintain flexibility and balance, or the ex-dancer who already knows the benefits of ballet, Ballet Fit and Ballet Fit Basic are the classes of choice.

Get fit and stay fit, or gain the competitive edge, with Ballet Fit! It’s more than just a buzz…

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