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What is a dance card?

What’s a Dance Card? A Dance Card is Ballet Austin’s flexible alternative to a season ticket. Sold in packs of 6 and 8, you can use the entire card for one performance or split it up however you choose. One of the best things about the card is the price…depending on which section you choose to sit in, the card can save you up to 20% off a full priced ticket.

Here’s what long time Dance Card purchaser Shawna Aubin thinks of the card:

"I love the flexibility of the Dance Card. We originally purchased it when our family was still small. It was a nice option to be able to go to any show with any number of persons or to even give the tickets as gifts if we couldn't attend.

"Now that our family has grown, we are able to take our children to age appropriate shows or just all go to The Nutcracker, or have a quiet night out as a couple.

"...with small children in our house, illness runs amuck and ruins our plans sometimes. With the Dance Card, we are able to adjust accordingly without feeling as though we've missed out or spent money on a show we couldn't make.

"I also like the option of sitting in a different location based on the level of the Dance Card we purchase.

"We love having Ballet Austin as a part of our lives and the Dance Card option really allows us to take full advantage of all that Ballet Austin has to offer."

Click here for more information regarding Dance Cards.


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