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Final two sessions of our Fall Financial Forum

The recession may be over, but at what cost?  What are the possible effects on the market? How do I position my portfolio accordingly?  At a time when we are all asking ourselves these important questions, we invite you to join us this Thursday for Session 3 of the Fall Financial Forum - Economic Outlook, Investment Themes and Opportunities presented by Jennifer Guthrie and Greg Yokum of J.P. Morgan.  Click here to register.

Our final session on October 29 presented by Jennifer Guthrie and Patrick Pacheco of J.P. Morgan will focus on Planned Giving including information about charitable gifts and trusts and maximizing your tax deductions.

Ballet Austin Foundation’s Fall Financial Forum is offered as a FREE community education series on Thursdays throughout October.  Plan now to join us and help us make this free series available to anyone you know with interest in improving/maintaining financial health in a changing economy.

The Ballet Austin Foundation (BAF) is a separate 501 (c) (3) organization with the vision to build its financial base, empowering Ballet Austin now and for the future.  The BAF is an endowment fund that represents the future of our organization through compounded growth of assets and dividends and it exists solely to benefit Ballet Austin.  As it is an organization focused on the financial future of Ballet Austin, it made sense for the BAF to sponsor the Fall Financial Forum.

Each session is open to all and free of charge. Click here to sign up.  Space is limited, so we recommend you sign up early.


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