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Teachers love our school shows!

Dear Ballet Austin,

Thank you for a wonderful experience for my students! Everything was well planned and enjoyable. Our docent, Glenda Patterson, brought out real enthusiasm in the 3rd graders, the performers of Ballet Austin gave their best professional performances for our little 8 and 9 year olds.

I'm impressed by all you've done. Brava!

Looking forward to next year,
Danielle Sadat, Music Teacher, Purple Sage Elementary, Round Rock ISD



We just got back from the Nutcracker and it was great!! We ended up sitting in the very front on the left side and the kids loved it.  It was awesome being close enough to see all of the dancers’ facial expressions and really see the costumes. It ran very smoothly, too. We got right off the bus and into our seats. Anyway, it was really fun and the kids really enjoyed it! :)

Christine Hanson,3rd Grade Teacher, Barton Hills Elementary



Hello Ballet Austin -

The Austin International School sends you a glorious 'MERCI BEAUCOUP"!
During Wednesday morning's Nutcracker performance, our children were deeply absorbed in the magic of the dance.
They were thoroughly intrigued and returned to school for a lively discussion.

Thank you again!
Corinne Arles, Parent
Anne-Sophie and  Marion, Teachers, Austin International School



Notes from students:




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