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A Woman's Place

Most women I know, including me, are juggling professional life, children and family schedules, friends, activities, money issues, a changing body, and even health issues. At the end of the day, we’re lucky to still be standing. Who has the time or energy to devote to themselves?

Photo by Anne Marie Bloodgood

If it’s been a while since you stepped out of your routine, took a break from the hectic rat race, and tried something different to change or refresh your life, then now is the time to step into the BCS!  I love to watch the women who come into our building. The ladies in Broadway Fit and Zumba® have figured out that the combination of lively music, high energy moves, and laughter make for a great calorie-burning workout that is also good for the soul. I met a young mother taking a conditioning class while her 3-year-old was in Creative Movement, and another mom who takes Ballet Fit waiting while her daughter takes ballet.

The list of dance and fitness classes offered at the BCS seems endless, from ballet to hip hop, theatre dance to hula. There’s a class for every muscle group; Arms & Abs, Below the Belt, and Body Stretch. Early morning Boot Camps, late night dance, Saturdays, and Sundays. The state-of-the-art Pilates Studio offers appointments to customize any woman’s needs.

The BCS supports healthy life solutions for women in any life stage, any stage of health, and desires to help women reach their goals. The open and inviting atmosphere of the BCS are perfect for any woman looking for a supportive environment in which to dance, workout, rejuvenate, heal, recover, meet new friends, and gain self-confidence. 

Take a look at the many options for women at the BCS. Ladies…it’s time to make YOU a priority!

Prenatal Yoga Course -  taught by Ballet Austin company dancer Michelle Thompson who is expecting her first baby.

Pilates Pink Ribbon Course -  taught by Pilates Program Director Vlada Sheber, certified to teach a Pilates-based, post-operative rehabilitative exercise class designed to offer strength, self-esteem and quality of life to breast cancer survivors.

The Pilates Wedding Dress Challenge - to get you ready for that special day.

The Little Black Dress Challenge - for that upcoming holiday party.

Ballet Fit Basic - an exercise class combining the principles of ballet with principals set forth by the National Institute on Aging, specifically designed to engage seniors at a wide range of fitness levels?

At the BCS we have qualified instructors who teach dance and exercise programs geared to help every woman achieve personal success, inner health and active life, all while inspiring confidence and encouraging fun.

Get Fit, Have Fun at the BCS…a woman’s place.

For more information about classes at Ballet Austin's Butler Community School, click here.


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