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“Mama, I want to do that!”

If it is 100˚ outside, then it has to be Nutcracker season, right? Well, maybe not for everyone in Austin, but it definitely is at Ballet Austin Academy. Every year when the students return from summer break, we have to be ready to distribute audition information that must include rehearsal and performance information.

Photo by Tony Spielberg

Managing the student cast of The Nutcracker each year is one of our largest undertakings, but it is worth it when we get feedback like this from one of our Academy parents:

“When my son was in kindergarten, I took him and his siblings to see The Nutcracker. While all three were enchanted, for Ben the experience was pure magic.’ Mama, I want to do that!’ Thus began our affiliation with Ballet Austin Academy.

"After three long years of hard work and waiting, he was ecstatic that he was FINALLY old enough to audition. Watching him find his name on the cast list is a moment I will treasure forever. Never have I seen such an explosion of pure joy. ‘I made it in The Nutcracker! I made it!’ The smile didn’t leave his face the rest of the day."

This is just one of hundreds of stories we have heard over the years and why we love being able to offer the opportunity of performing in The Nutcracker to our students. The experience of performing onstage alongside professionals is a rare privilege and why they get so excited. The joy and inspiration of this experience can carry them through the many hours are arduous effort spent in class perfecting technique. It also helps those of us who are responsible for rehearsing them each year to keep a smile on our faces…and yes, the ‘pure magic’ in our hearts!

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